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MIRU II is a solo-first hexcrawling analog horror game. This is the sequel chapter in the Miru Series. This chapter begins 1 day after the end of MIRU, and has you running into a new territory while being chased by a god. 

MIRU II was successfully backed on Kickstarter during Zinequest 5.

You can find the physical edition of MIRU II at these shops for about $15:

MIRU II is a great game for folks who want to play alone (or with friends!), explore a randomly generated map (and draw it!), while managing survival resources & building up a character to take on a colossal enemy (or 2!).  This game takes approximately 2-3hrs to complete in one shot & features violence and adult themes, for ages at least 13+ . 

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If you enjoyed MIRU you may enjoy the behind the scenes content we discuss on the ATOPIA discord for Hinokodo's projects. or you might be interested in the companion soundtrack!

Created By : HINOKODO
Edited By: Ryan Huff
Published By: Mimic Publishing 
Text is licensed under : MIMIC C+ LICENSE: Y2K
All images are copyright by Hinokodo

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagsanalog, Hexcrawl, Horror, science-fantasy, Singleplayer, solo, Tabletop role-playing game, zine


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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If I load save from MIRU 1 Do I get Engineered Plant? and I can use effect Engineered Plant?

all items carry over! So as long as you ended MIRU 1 with the engineered plant you're good to go!


Village change so much Wow!!! I have question immidiately.
1. How to use Training Roll?

2. When come to village I don't have to number it

1. A training roll is how you use tech skills. Roll up to 3 dice (this depends on how many tech skills you know), and if you roll a number that is equal to or less than the current level of that tech skill, then you hit the opponent and level up. Otherwise you miss. 

2. In MIRU 2, you don't have to number the village. 


How to decrypting map and where is Radio Tower?

Map Decryption can be found on pg. 45. Depending on which map you are trying to decrypt, you'll translate the cryptic language next to the spaces you need to fill out. I can't spoil how to translate the text, but everything you need is in the book. The only hint i feel is appropriate to post publicly is that you should look at the chapter titles. You can use the grid page at the back of the book to take notes for the language.

There are 3 radio towers in MIRU 2. One you'll find after Day 35 and two you'll find in the events (Radio Tower will be in bold). 

Hi. Could be going blind, but is the character sheet available online? Picked up a physical copy at a great game shop in Edinburgh (Ancient Robot Games).

yes! If you scan the qr code on the first few pages it should give you a free link to download the character sheet ready to print or use digitally on your computer. Feel free to reach out if you run into any other issues!

Got it, thanks!


MIRU II is an amazing micro-game that provides a challenging sequence of in-game days for the player to overcome. Players will need to balance their decisions to make it to the end, which is highly rewarding and begs for additional plays. The emergent gameplay from your own procedural adventure is exciting and unique each time.

The design is slick, modern, and very intuitive for players. HINOKODO knows their stuff when it comes to layout and user experience. The rules are laid out in a simple to understand way, with guides for everything you will encounter. No matter the player's experience with games, they will easily jump into MIRU II.

5/5 for $5.00. This excellent solo hexcrawl is not to be missed.