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We live in a world where real human beings make things. We also live in a world where things that once were only created by humans, can now be done by a machine. 

This is an icon pack that you can put on any thing you've made that doesn't have 'ai' images in the finished product. There's an icon craft brewers use to show that the beer you're drinking wasn't massed produced by 1 of 4 companies that own 97% of the market. There's an icon that is put on products where workers were paid and treated fairly. There's an icon that is put on clothes to tell you how to wash it correctly. There are icons put on products that tell you where it was originally produced.

This is an icon to put on things made by humans

From a human being to another human being, I ask that you use this icon in good faith. You may use these icons on anything made for personal, commercial or non-commercial purposes. 

The only 2 limitations are; that you can not put it on products where an 'ai' art generated image is used in the final product. and that you can not repackage or sell this icon pack to others. Credit is not necessary, but feel free to send people this way to grab an icon pack for themselves. 

Many creatives are making icons like these during this transitional period for art. If you are capable and time allows, I encourage you to craft your own.

I was inspired by Diogo Nogueira.

If you need any inspiration for words to place next to the icon in a blurb or at the bottom of your crowdfunding campaign here's a short suggestion: 

This work was made by humans. No AI or Machine Generated works are included in this project. Supporting this project means you are supporting real human beings who have dreams, passions, & bills. Thank You. 

For an alternative version consider:
Lone Archivist's Made By Humans icon pack.
Hairic's Made By Humans Pixel art icon pack.

Summer 2023 Update:

  • The icons are now in .SVG format, which should help with scalability. 
  • The hand was redrawn for the new format, it looks almost identical. 
  • The lettering was also redrawn and now has a more organic feel. 
  • The icon pack now includes a Carbon Neutral set of icons for you to use on your projects where you can make that claim. 
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These are a good idea and look great, thanks! I bought and downloaded the set and had a look at the SVGs - and while they look great, they contain lots of extra paths, inside the shapes. These can’t be seen visually, because they have fill but no outline - but they take up space in the SVG file - making the files roughly double the size they ought to be.

These look to me like they were traced from an original bitmap image - you usually get loads of extra nodes & paths in auto-traced vectors.

If you take hm_vertical_nobox_white.svg as an example, it’s 66,340 bytes (~64.8kb). If you edit this and remove the extraneous paths (union all paths in each shape), you get a visually identical image, that’s only 32,972 bytes (~32.3kb) - about half the file size. You can download this here: https://duncanlock.net/images/icons/hm_vertical_nobox_white-simplified.svg - and see them in use at the bottom of here: https://duncanlock.net/

Thanks! Dunc

interesting I'll check that out. I used a stylus to draw over an old design. So everything is a stroke. I'll see if there's a way to group em up without it doing anything odd to the shapes. I use Affinity designer (and never really picked up Adobe illustrator so this side of design is new to me!)

(1 edit) (+1)

I used Inkscape (https://inkscape.org/ ) - where you can just select all the paths that make up each shape and then tell it to Union them together into one. You can download my SVG file and compare the two. Makes it obvious if you select View ⇾ Display Mode ⇾ Outline Overlay


Thank you so much for creating this! I found it through one of Raspalicious' projects today and immediately jumped.

As someone who focuses on writing and uses Canva stock art, is it okay if I emphasize in my blurb with it that the game is *written* by a real human being, with artwork through Canva?

I know Canva now has the option for ai writing, so I don't know if they allow ai art now, too >.< Though I'm definitely going to try to find out.


Excited to have ya on board! As an artist and writer (and human) it's important to me we keep the integrity of the icon to a high and reliable standard. Don't want folks getting confused if we can avoid it. 

I'd say if there's any doubt in the art you're using (stock art is totally fine) is made from ai art generators, I'd ask you not use the symbol (even if the writing is human made). 

I'm not familiar with Canva enough to give you a direct answer. I'd just ask if we can keep the use of the icon as an 'all was human made' on projects, that'd my preference to avoid confusion and ill feelings from the folks looking for great human made experiences. 


I love this icon so much! I'm using it in all my projects!

Thank you so much Scarlet! In our new world of ai, it'll be nice to spot projects made by real people more easily. Good Luck!


very excited to put this on a book that was written and illustrated by a team of over 30 awesome HUMANS!!!

excited to see it!!


These are great, thanks for making 'em. A reference to the Butlerian Jihad hand perhaps? 


oh hmm. I'll have to look that up. Is that a Dune reference? mostly inspired by caveman paintings. Love the idea that some of the first works of art recorded by man were handprints. Our little signature. 


Yeah, it is a Dune reference! The Butlerian Jihad was mankind's last stand against the machines, and didn't go so well for the machines... Adore the cave art inspo though; that's beautiful. Thanks again for making such a gorgeous symbol!  

Deleted 256 days ago

ah, thanks for hating on us every day. It's not like the tools that made this "Ai-art" were made by humans.. noo.. of course not. It's like when cameras became a thing, everyone said "ohh noo now nobody is going to buy our art", thats just not true, art exists today, and real artists will exist in the future. Ai-art and art made by humans art completely other things. This is not meant to hate on artists, I just wanted to show say my opinion. I hope you have a good day, but please dont hate on us guys(even if you(the creator of this project) dont hate on us, i just wanted to say my opinion)


You missed the objective of this project. Everything will be automated eventually. Even programming. Something you seem to hold dear and consider an artform to itself. I actually think programming is a beautiful art form and I hope we continue to teach it for the rest of humanity. 

The issue this project aims at is the mislabeling and/or underlabeling of 'ai' artworks. Those folks are often so ashamed for using ai art, they don't tell anyone and try to pass it off as their own work. The Human Made icon is for 'real' artworks. Since the 'AI guys' won't label that work. In the same way Nestle or Nike don't label their products to show off that they use child slave labor, the ones who don't use child slave labor, proudly wear labels and icons like FairTrade.

No one likes to be replaced or made obsolete. While I don't actively advocate for hate, I hope you can understand why a class of people whose livelihoods are being attacked and replaced by programmers, who could be working on a number of other more important issues that plague humanity, may be hateful towards 'pro ai art' folks. There are a handful of people working on automating away human creativity (which I highly doubt you're one of), profiting off the work of artists today and yesterday (without sharing that new wealth) to cater to corporations who just want to save a buck. 

There are ways to make art with technology that don't also wipe away the careers of millions of people who make and create wonderful things with the creative spirit of humanity. 


I think some in the ai art community are toxic as hell, but that is also the case in the human art scene. I hope some of the artists will understand us, we are being attacked and harassed constantly. I don't want human creativity to be replaced, it's great really, but as an example, I have absolutely no creativity or skill for art. Buut i want to make games, so I need art, do I have enough money to buy art? no, so I use ai. Thanks for explaining to me what this project means in detail, you should ALWAYS label if your project/whatever was made by AI. Artists will never be obsolete.


sorry if any of my messages sounded aggressive, my main language isn't English.


I love the whole idea and the design is amazing. 

I used this as a background element of an anti-'Ai' 'Art' 12-Word RPG in this project: https://ratgrrrl-games.itch.io/hierachies-of-circles