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Pondus is currently being redesigned. It's radically different from the files available here at the moment. Once I have a decent print and play file for you I will post here. 
The new design has the same premise, you are a wandering wyzard on the hunt for the orbs of power. But instead of traveling on a premade map, you shuffle up some hex tiles and explore the world in that way. There's also an introduction to items and curses, as well as eliminating dice and a more interesting combat experience. More to come soon. Folks who still choose to contribute here (and prior of course) will receive up to $15 coupon to purchase the physical game (if we can get it produced.) The current goal is to have something presentable and playable in October 2024 (for Kickstarter's Witchstarter event)

In PONDUS you are wandering wyzard on the hunt for the orbs of power. The town you're investigating hosts a number of bizarre locations and people. The people think you're just playing a game. No one takes you seriously. Every location you visit limits your magical powers. Infected by a bizarre curse, you must traverse through a series of obstacles, often passing out in the process and always mysteriously starting over at the beginning, to reach the end and claim an orb of power. Each orb grants you a unique ability you can use during the next location. 

This is a game of luck & skill.
1xD6 is required to play. 

We recommend you play with 3xD10, 2xD20 & 2 tokens (1 for you as you move along the map & 1 to keep track of the curse.)

PONDUS is designed to be printed on 11x17. The files also include an 8.5x11 size.
(A little unusual. But a weird game requires a weird size)

PONDUS is still in development and is trialing an itchfunding type experience. It will remain pay what you want for the first map. Once we hit the appropriate goal, work will begin on the next map. (which will be available for an additional cost) After a total of 4 maps, we will release a physical edition. This could take a month or 3 years. Only the fans will decide. 

Thank you for playing along.
When you claim all of the power, please promise to do good with it. 

$0 - MAP I:  Currently being reworked
$100 - MAP II  (ETA: Summer 2023)
$200 - MAP III (ETA Summer 2023)
$300 - MAP IV (Final Map) 
$500 - Physical Edition

The funds raised are paying towards the time it takes to create 10 or so illustrations per map. The physical edition will likely retail for $20 and include dice. Contributors to this project will receive a coupon for up to $15 for the physical edition based on the amount spent while itchfunding if PONDUS ever successfully funds to print. 

Created By : HINOKODO
Published By: Mimic Publishing Collective
Text is licensed under : MIMIC C+ LICENSE: PN5
All images are copyright by Hinokodo

Mimic Publishing Collective
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsadventure-time, Board Game, Dice, Itch Funding, Magic, moebius, Print & Play, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, Wizards


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