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Hello! You've been invited to participate in a beta video game made by an AI god who goes by ALORA. You foolishly accept and wake up in a pixelated body. You (and up to 6 people) are tasked with surviving and solving the issues of this mysterious land.  Survive the simulation and ALORA has promised you eternal life, whatever that entails.

Bitparty™ is a genre bending adventure game where players travel across a digital land in a very analog way. There's combat, leveling up, map discovering, puzzle solving, and story in this adventure. 
This is chapter one of a longer tale with more to come!

1-6 Players. 
1-2 Hours of Playtime. (add an hour per player on avg)
Ages 13+ (Mild Violence & Mild Horror)

3x pieces of 8x11 paper to print on.
2x D20 per player. 
6+ D6 dice (10 or more is recommended)
1x Black pen/pencil. 
1-6 Colored pen/pencils per player (helps to know who is where)

Easier to read font resource Here.

UPDATE : v1.1
Added a start location. (I know I know)

UPDATE: v1.2
Changed phrasing to 'Base' stats for multiplier issues.
Added grey tile under 'mutated bear' for better clarity of hitbox.
Changed Light Mage's Special Attack to 'Lightning', Thunder apparently is only the sound...
Added Backpack breaking limitation to prevent over spamming items. 
Clarified that you can not enter houses. I ran out of paper for that function. 
Clarified that Time effects base stats for multiplier issues.
Tougher enemies now offer more choices in reward.
Added a QR code for the winner to scan as a prize. 
Fixed Mutated Bear's crazy power levels. Still tough potentially, but more reasonable. 
Certain Special Abilities now raise max health and energy to 40 instead of 'doubling'.
Bitlith bonus added when players fill rows at bottom of map.
Added enemy attack range. 
Kept potentially killer rabbit at the beginning of the game. 

I'm currently working on an updated version of Bitparty and expanding it quite a bit. So stay tuned!

Published by Mimic Publishing Collective
Created by Hinokodo


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Cool game! You should also upload it to pnparcade.com and pnpparadise.com since those websites are dedicated to print & play games like yours.

oh thanks! Will do!